Cellular Analysis Mapping Program  

Cellular Analysis Mapping Program®:

 CAMP is simple and powerful Simple and powerful
  The Cellular Analysis Mapping Program® is a powerful law enforcement forensics tool, designed for the ease of use you need to quickly map cellular data with confidence. CAMP uses a straight forward push-button interface to take your Call Detail Records and produce custom maps in Google Earth and Microsoft MapPoint. 
 CAMP is versatile Load and go 
  With CAMP's automatic recognition engine, you no longer need to know the ins and outs of various CDR formats. CAMP automates the processing of cell site records from companies such as AT&T, Cricket, MetroPCS, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile, and Verizon. CAMP loads the cellular data, recognizes the cellphone company, interprets the data, and maps it. For our international users, we work with you to create custom solutions. Learn more about cell site analysis 
 CAMP gets the job done Get the job done 
  CAMP gives you the power to visualize your cellphone evidence and rapidly move your cases forward by mapping hundreds of cell sites and cell sectors in seconds. CAMP has been used to forensically analyze thousands of cellphone records, for hundreds of cases, the results of which have been used in dozens of criminal trials. 
 Get your free trial today Get a free trial copy or buy now
  Obtain a trial copy by emailing your name, title, agency, and telephone number to Contact@CellularMapping.com. 

One-year license for $895, includes support and free upgrades. No shipping, no taxes, one flat rate. All major credit cards accepted through PayPal. Terms and conditions

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