Cellular Analysis Mapping Program  

Company, Product, and Industry News:

  03/22/2013 - Cellular Analysis Mapping Program software resource listing at IACA

  02/08/2013 - F-INSIGHT Newsletter from Forensic Insight

  01/24/2013 - Cell Site Analysis and Mapping from Forensic Magazine

  01/20/2013 - Digital Forensics Case Leads a blog at SANS Computer Forensics and Incident Response

  01/18/2013 - Cellular Mapping Featured at the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center

  01/17/2013 - Cell Site Analysis and Mapping from Digital Forensic Investigator News

  01/17/2013 - Making Cell Site Analysis Accessible news listing at International Association of Crime Analysts

  01/17/2013 - Cellular Analysis Mapping Program press release® product announcement



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