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Upgrade History:

Version 3.9 - Additional processing capabilities for AT&T records.

MARCH 2016
Verson 3.8 - Additional processing capabilities added for T-Mobile and Verizon records.

MAY 2015
Version 3.8 - Fixed AT&T and Verizon bugs.

Version 3.8 - Added processing capabilities for US Cellular and Verizon records.

MAY 2014
Version 3.8 - Additional enhancements to processing of Cricket and T-Mobile records. Added processing capability for US Cellular records.

Version 3.7 - Additional enhancements to processing of AT&T, Cricket, and MetroPCS records. Adjusted default visibility of folders in Google Earth export.

Version 3.6 - Enhancements to processing of AT&T, Cricket, MetroPCS, and Sprint records. Added population of CDR details to pushpins in Microsoft MapPoint.

JUNE 2013
Version 3.5 - Enhancements to CDR processing of T-Mobile and Verizon data, tower processing of Verizon data, and general usability.

MARCH 2013
Version 3.4 - Added the Arrow sector type. Enhancement to tower importing and processing of Sprint CDRs.

Version 3.3 - Adjustment to processing of Cricket CDRs and Verizon Towers. Export to Google Earth now done in KMZ format.


Version 3.2 - Adjustment to Import CDR function. Fixes to dashboard layout when run on Windows XP.

Version 3.1 - Increase CDR and Tower list capacity from 65,535 to 1,048,575. Adjustment to processing of Cricket CDRs. Fixed import of CDRs and Towers from a previously saved CAMP data file.

Version 3.0 - Adjustment to process some old Nextel CDR formats and the new T-Mobile CDR format.

Version 2.9 - Adjustment to creation of Verizon lookup columns in CDR to process first and last cell sites when present. Changes also made to successfully process new Verizon CDR format.

Version 2.8 - Adjustment to creation of Cricket lookup column in tower lists. Software compatibility update to support Microsoft Excel 2013.

Version 2.7 - Fixed issue creating lookup columns in Cricket records from Lucent markets.

Version 2.6 - Increased processing capability for Cricket records, creating lookup columns containing Cricket market, cell tower number, and cell sector information. CAMP automatically recognizes the Cricket MSC type and makes the appropriate adjustments in creating the lookup columns. The Auto-Merge process was specifically modified for Cricket records in order to accommodate the Cricket tower list format. Changes were made to also recognize and handle DAS sites present in the records.

Version 2.5 - Introduction of progress indicator for Auto-Merge process.

Version 2.4 - Usability changes, directing users to save work by clicking on the Save Data button.

Version 2.3 - Import CDR and Import Towers modified to allow users to select a worksheet to import when multiple worksheets exist in a workbook.

Version 2.2 - Auto-Merge modified for Cricket records to increase likelyhood of creating matching CDR and TOWERS lookup columns.

Version 2.1 - Auto-Merge modified for MetroPCS records, and will create CDR lookup columns for the originating and terminating cell sites in the format, "switch tower sector".

Version 2.0 - Auto-Merge adapted to create a lookup column for the terminating cell sites in Nextel, Sprint, and T-Mobile CDRs. (CAMP already processes terminating (or handoff) cell sites for AT&T.)

Version 1.9 - Fixed issue with merge, matching blank lookup columns across CDR and TOWERS first identified in T-Mobile file merging.

Version 1.8 - Added auto-assignement of columns to merge process, modified Sprint towers Auto-Merge when there is no manufacturer information present, and added a manufacturer recognition capability to Verizon towers Auto-Merge.

Version 1.7 - Added CDR processing capability for Emergency Verizon CDRs.

Version 1.6 - Added button to save CDR and TOWER worksheets to separate file.

Version 1.5 - Added specific changes to Auto-Merge CDR and TOWERS to better handle data for Nextel, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Version 1.4 - Format changes. Added auto-assignment of columns for mapping after CDR import. Modified Auto-Merge for AT&T CDR so that only one header row is written. Fixed Auto-Merge of AT&T CDRs where SMS entries in which multiple cell sites are listed were not being processed.

Version 1.3 - Format changes. Made filename and Google Earth folder name the same.

Version 1.2 - Format changes.

Version 1.1 - Format changes.  Auto-assignment of columns for mapping modified to not recognize any columns containing the word "name".

Version 1.0 - Initial development.

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